Today’s market launch of the BMW 1 Series sedan extends the range of the German premium brand to include a model tailored specifically to meet the needs of Chinese customers. The BMW 1 Series Sedan with its hallmark sporty flair and market-specific overall concept is a highly emotional new entry to the compact premium vehicle segment that is seeing such high potential in China. The new model is offered exclusively for the Chinese automotive market by the BMW Group and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.

Speaking at the model’s launch event in Shanghai, Dr Ian Robertson, BMW AG Management Board member responsible for Sales and Marketing BMW commented, “We sold over half a million cars in China last year and this, our biggest market, continues to offer great potential. Our customers in China have been asking for a smaller model to meet their specific needs and we’ve worked hard with our colleagues here to make sure this car not only meets but exceeds those desires.”

The BMW 1 Series Sedan was developed at BMW headquarters in Munich with the support of Chinese engineers. The vehicle concept, and equipment are geared towards the specific requirements of modern target groups in China as well as the road and traffic conditions there. During development for volume production, the new model underwent intense testing and harmonisation both globally like on the Nürburgring as well as in the wide-ranging climatic and road conditions to be found in China so as to ensure a level of everyday suitability and driving pleasure that is oriented towards the real environment in which it will be used.

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The BMW 1 Series Sedan is manufactured as part of the joint venture between the BMW Group and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. at the Tiexi plant opened in 2012 which forms part of the Shenyang production site in the north east of China. Other models of the brand designed specifically for the Chinese automotive market are also produced in Shenyang. Vehicle production in Shenyang is subject to the same rigorous quality standards that apply throughout the entire worldwide BMW Group production network.