Audi trolls flooded BMW drivers on Twitter

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ABC News recently tweeted a video of flooding in Burbank, California, where cars were stuck in deep flood waters. The water was up to about …

ABC News recently tweeted a video of flooding in Burbank, California, where cars were stuck in deep flood waters. The water was up to about the hood on most of these cars and many were stuck, leaving the drivers stranded in the water. It’s not really funny but something that happens in the video kind of is. In the video, you can see a couple of BMWs stranded in the water, unable to continue driving. Then, a C6-generation Audi A6 drives through the flood and right past the BMWs with ease.

ABC News tweeted this video, just to show the flooding but Audi had other plans. The four-ringed brand re-tweeted the video with only the words “Wait for it. #Quattro”. Audi is implying that its Quattro all-wheel drive system was able to handle the flooding while BMW’s rear-wheel drive or xDrive cars couldn’t. However, to be honest, the reason the BMWs were stuck was likely due to the water either getting into the intake and flooding the engine or ruining some electronics and not a traction issue. If that’s the case, which is likely is, then the Audi A6 is going to have some issues as well.

Anyone who’s ever had this happen to them (I have) knows that water gets into the intake and floods the cylinders, which can possibly kill the engine on the spot or preventing it from starting up again once it’s turned off. It’s very bad for an engine and will happen to almost any car. Land Rovers can get through floods like this unscathed, as Land Rover has designed its intakes to be at the top of the engine, so they can wade through deep waters. Audi A6s do not have this sort of intake and this one will likely received some damage.

But it still was kind of funny.

[Source: QuattroDaily]

30 responses to “Audi trolls flooded BMW drivers on Twitter”

  1. CDspeed says:

    What a strange coincidence, three BMWs stranded all in the same place.

  2. Brous23 says:

    Toyota’s are more reliable than both cars. What’s the point?

  3. Giom says:

    Where does this ‘Toyota is more reliable’ nonsense come from? Is it residual marketing still floating around? I’m getting pretty bored with it already!

    • Viking79 says:

      The comment is out of place here for sure as a Toyota would die if it sucked water through the intake same as any other ICE. The best in this situation would be an electric car, which is why all submarines are electric. They don’t have to breathe air.

      For reliability stats I like to go to TrueDelta (I have no affiliation other than I provide them data for my Volt). You will find that Toyota is incredibly reliable, generally speaking, better than most brands. However, most modern brands are very reliable. My problem with Toyota is they are incredibly boring vehicles.

    • Tom says:

      Toyota is very reliable and the reliability is supported by multiple independent consumer reports. Their cars also require very little maintenance per their recommended maintenance schedule, hence why they are attractive to customers that don’t focus on sports and/or luxury.

      • Giom says:

        Not in my country. Here it’s the most stolen car because of its ancient tech which is shared by the millions of unroadworthy taxis. Maybe that’s why it’s perceived as reliable…

  4. Max says:

    Poor Audi, has no other things to get fame for. Cant keep on the race with BMW and MB and is so desperate that they need to do things like that :D

  5. Derrick Rose says:

    well Audi definitely chose the right platform to state whatever they needed to state. twitter is a platform for dumbasses.

  6. Matt Stokes says:

    Stay classless Audi ;)

    • John says:

      Wow people’s feelings are hurt so easily nowadays. You’re blaming Audi for what a bunch of basement dwelling fanboys do online?

      • Matt Stokes says:

        Basement dwelling fanboys control Audi’s Twitter account? Audi official posted it, and its yet another example of their own trolling nature. Remember ‘meet the Beckers’? Trying to embarrass potential buyers out of the brand they’re in, into an Audi, by using negative stereotyping is a classless tactic. It’s not that I’m “easily offended” or even personally offended by this at all, so don’t try and make a beautiful unique snowflake argument out of it… but it’s this kind of behavior that leaves me with no respect for the Audi brand and is one of a number of reasons I would never buy into it.

  7. guest says:

    So VW have recycled their 1972 floating Beetle advert? The original is on YouTube, prefer it. National Lampoon did a parody, this one’s funny in a different way.

  8. Danni says:

    I had one of these C6 generation Audi A6 and while driving through a portion of flooded road, the water did not have to reach the hood level for it to die because the water made its way into the intake and killed it. And yes, it was a Quattro model.

    Took my X6 and towed it out of there with no problem, so it is just about if the air intake is higher than the water level. Has nothing to do with Quattro or xDrive.

  9. John says:

    FYI BMW fanboys and fangirls, when you complain about internet trolls, that makes you a snowflake.

  10. Jay Alanby says:

    Anyone who owns an Audi would not be smart enough to understand the truth.

  11. Joe Black says:

    Hmm..sorry guys. But I heard people said it for more than 20 years carefull if you drive BMW in flood, even the water is at floor level. Because the car can easily get electrical problems in flood. Maybe its true then..

  12. Naldo Machito says:

    I expected nothing else from the pathetic bmw. Even Audi owns bmw’s stupid ass, let alone the king Mercedes-Benz.

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