If you’re planning on bringing your BMW to Maaco for a paint job, we’d strongly recommend you don’t. Every car enthusiast knows that Maaco isn’t the best idea, when it comes to painting a car. They specialize in doing some of the cheapest paint work in the business, which is nice, but the downside of that is that the work done is typically sub-par. YouTuber Rob Ferretti learned that the hard way with this E36 M3.

He’s giving away the E36 M3 so he decided to have it painted from its original gold to white, with some M livery on it in a sort of M3 Lightweight style. However, the paint job he received from Maaco was extremely poor. He knew, as most enthusiasts do, that Maaco isn’t the best. But Ferretti opted to go for the most expensive paint package they offered, thinking that it would help bring the quality up. It didn’t.

There are areas where the taping was atrocious and the gold paint underneath shows through. The headlights have some paint on them and so does the exhaust. It’s pretty bad. But the worst part is the fact that the interior was painted, which is baffling. The nice black leather interior of the E36 M3 now has a light white paint spray on the seats. You can even see where there was stuff on the seats, as there’s a white outline around them.

It’s a shame that whoever gets this car from Ferretti will have white paint on their interior. I guess it is free, though.