As it reaches 40,000 members, BMW’s ReachNow car sharing program is preparing to enter a new phase. According to Steve Banfield, CEO of ReachNow, Seattle will be one of the first places people get to try out BMW autonomous vehicles through the car sharing fleet.

“The benefit to having ReachNow in your region, is that you are going to be the first people to try autonomous cars from BMW,” Banfield said Thursday at the Economic Development Council of Seattle & King County annual Economic Forecast Conference “We are going to bring them here and we are going to be able to use them and test them.”

Banfield also said that the Brooklyn-first, Fleet Solutions, which places dedicated i3 and 328xi vehicles at select apartment and condominium buildings, will also come to Seattle in the future.


Banfield sees ReachNow, which includes both a car-sharing component where people pick up a parked car and drive it from place to place and a ride-hailing taxi or Uber-like service, as an important part of the transit ecosystem.

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[Source: GeekWire]