When Alfa Romeo announced its return to the US market, and the return of rear-wheel drive sport sedans for the brand, the Alfa Romeo/BMW comparison quickly came up. These two duked it out for sport sedan supremacy for many years before Alfa started making less capable front-wheel drive sedans based on Fiats. But that was Alfa taking on the BMW 3 Series. Not the 5 Series.

Now, it seems that Alfa Romeo wants to get into a new segment and take on another German sedan. There are rumors circulating that Alfa wants to create a new 5 Series-fighter and it could possibly be named the Alfetta. If you have a good memory, you’d know that the Alfa Romeo Alfetta was a sedan back in the ’70s. So it seems as if the famous Italian brand could bring the nameplate back.

Considering the success Alfa Romeo has had with the new Giulia sedan, which is said to be just as good as its competitors from BMW and Mercedes, it only makes sense that Alfa would want more. However, Alfa Romeo hasn’t always been the best at luxury or technology. It’s brilliant at making sports cars, but luxury cars? That’s gonna be tough for Alfa.

It will looks good, though, as all Alfa Romeos do. The Giulia is a stunning sedan that really shakes up the styling in the segment. So we expect the Alfetta to be equally as good looking, just bigger and more luxurious. Renna Design rendered what they thing the Alfetta will look like (shown above) and it looks very good.

[Source: CarScoops]