Will BMW ever jump on the off-road wagon train?

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Audi, unfortunately, started it all with the Audi Allroad about a decade ago. The idea is to take a standard wagon, add some weird plastic …

Audi, unfortunately, started it all with the Audi Allroad about a decade ago. The idea is to take a standard wagon, add some weird plastic body cladding, jack the ride height up a couple of inches and give it a pseudo off-road name and voila — off-road wagon. The Audi Allroad was really the first and it was basically a slightly taller Audi A6 Avant with plastic body panels to make it look rugged and that’s about it.

Now, these sort of jacked up wagons are becoming a thing. Mercedes-Benz, a brand that prides itself on luxury and opulence, is now making their own jacked up wagon, called the E-Class All-Terrain. Volvo has one too, called the V60 Cross Country. So, will we ever see BMW make such a vehicle?

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain

Personally, I loath these sorts of cars from luxury brands. It’s like James Bond buying cloths from a Bass Pro Shop. However, I’m in the minority, as these sorts of cars are very popular, especially so in ‘Merica, where everything needs to be a truck, even cars.

So, will BMW ever make a 3 or 5 Series Touring with a higher ride height and “off-road” capability? Probably not, as there’s no evidence of such a thing and we haven’t heard any rumors from the Bavarians as of yet. But we all know the Germans’ obsession with copying each other, so it’s certainly possible that such a car could come from BMW. We hope not, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

12 responses to “Will BMW ever jump on the off-road wagon train?”

  1. CDspeed says:

    I like them, they’re still SUV like, without having to be a truck. All of BMW’s X SUVs have black plastic cladding to give them a more rugged look.

  2. Ask says:

    I am one of those people who would choose these wagons over normal ones.
    I think BMW X4 is be the best candidate at this point.
    Remember the BMW X Coupe concept back in 2001?

  3. A JCS says:

    I’d much rather see more of this type of thing on the road than goddamned SUV’s

    • Guillaume Perret says:

      Totally, I am craving for a BMW allroad … the sedan seating position with some decent gound clearance in order not to be too annoyed by modern road obstacles.
      I do not need a 1m90 high SUV that will not fit some garages and parking lots in Europe.

      • Matt Stokes says:

        Ground clearance on the Mercedes all terrain isn’t that far increased, it’s only about 15mm more than a standard G30 for example. I’d have thought they’d have made it a little higher personally, I seem to recall the Audi A6 All-Road going higher than that.

        • Guillaume Perret says:

          True, look at the first A4 allroad, that was probably higher than some modern SUVs
          I’d better say we need allroad style cars in order to get decent ground clearance. Premium sedans are too low for my taste.

          • Matt Stokes says:

            Indeed. Proper tyres, appropriate suspension, a little more height, and a little plastic cladding for the more vulnerable cosmetic bits of the car. I’d rather that than use my friends Disco 3 when we go camping… that feels like a massive tank on narrow, overgrown or dry-stone lined roads.

  4. Bob Morane says:

    So pathetic!

    Nico, you loath these “pseudo off-road” cars with added “weird plastic body cladding”, when every BMW from the X line (X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6 and X7) is exactly that: a pseudo-off road car with pseudo rugged looks.

    BMW X line SUVs have barely more ground clearance than the numbered Series line, never mind “lowered SUV”. What an oxymoron!

    What do you think a non-pseudo off-road car would be? Given you demonstrated understanding, you will definitely not like a true off-road car, that will have crappy looks and shitty handling. For off-road you need (technically) high ground clearance, good approach, departure and break over angles, long suspension articulation, low gear ratio, at least center and rear locking differential (not the crap electronic system that uses ABS, and after prolonged use overheats, fades the brakes and then stops functioning), low gear range, and TIRES. For soft-road you only need slight ground clearance and right tires, something not even BMW X line models are decent at.

    With the bad roads, I’d rather have a lifted car with good rubber than a lowered SUV on 21″ rims with high-performance summer tires. Hell, give my a lifted BMW Z4 Coupe.

  5. Matt Stokes says:

    I wouldn’t mind if BMW jumped on this band wagon. Car-like looks for people that live in less than ideal rural areas… no worse than SUV like looks for people who live in suburbia.

  6. Fritz says:

    I have a theory that BMW chose to build GT’s instead.

  7. Elmediterraneo says:

    They’ve done the ugly GT models so they can an Allroad copy as well.

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