BMW’s upcoming X3 SAV is out for some testing in Germany. The third generation of the midclass SUV will, like its predecessors, be one of the most important models of the brand, but will also have to contend with even stronger competitors. One of Bimmertoday’s readers has now caught a prototype in a parking lot, therefore we’re able to provide some close up photos of the 2017 X3.

As with the second generation, the bonnet is still connected directly to the headlights. The strongly shaped kidney struts radiate a special presence and are chrome-plated or painted in black, depending on the equipment line.


An interesting detail of the front apron is the radar sensor placed underneath the license plate. Together with the camera placed in the area of the interior mirror, this sensor provides important data for additional assistance systems that permanently monitor the surroundings of the vehicle and in front of the vehicle. The BMW X3 G01 will also represent the current state of semi-autonomous driving, similar to the new 5 and 7 Series.


Inside, although most of the elements are covered, the free-standing infotainment display is clearly visible. We can also assume that the iDrive can also be operated in the G01 X3 without the classic controller, if the driver or passenger prefers the use of the touchscreen.

As previous spy photos have shown, BMW has also worked on an interior upgrade with much more valuable materials, in order to bring the mid-class SUV at least at the same level with the competition in this segment.


A big step forward is also planned in terms of vehicle dynamics, especially since prototypes of the BMW X3 were shown together with the Porsche Macan. The Swabian is evidently the toughest opponent on a winding track. The top model planned is the BMW X3 M, which is expected to prove the dynamics of the third generation X3 when it arrives in 2018.

The diesel will be responsible for a large numbers of models, especially in Europe, where vehicles such as the BMW X3 xDrive20d and X3 xDrive30d will play the leading role in the market launch. A bit later. the six-cylinder biturbo diesel could follow as a BMW X3 M40d with a standard M Sport package. On the other end of the efficiency spectrum, a particularly economical X3 sDrive18d with rear wheel is also likely to appear.

2017-BMW-X3-G01-SUV-Erlkoenig-10 2017-BMW-X3-G01-SUV-Erlkoenig-05

With Frankfurt hosting the home show in 2017, we expect the new G01 X3 to be introduced next September.