Ahead of its eventual reveal at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the BMW G31 5 Series Touring was caught running around wearing only minor camouflage. It makes sense that BMW wouldn’t have to really cover anything up except for the small portion of the wagon that’s different from the sedan. Otherwise, it’s just a regular ole G30 5 Series. (We don’t own the spy photos, but they can be seen here)

Despite the relatively small changes, we’re actually very excited to see the G31 5 Series Touring in the flesh. We felt that the previous F11-generation 5 Series looked better in Touring form than anything else. While the F10 sedan was a fine looking car, the Touring was downright handsome and stately. There’s just something cool about a properly designed wagon and BMW seems to know how to do it properly these days.

Obviously, there aren’t many differences between this and its sedan counterpart and there won’t even be many when we see it without camo. The taillights, though mostly covered, seem to be identical to the sedan’s and the Hofmeister Kink remains, albeit on the D-pillar rather than C-pillar.

This obviously won’t be a monumental change in design but we’re excited about it nonetheless. If the G31 5 Series Touring can be as good looking as the F11-generation, than we’re in for a very good looking luxury family wagon. Too bad America won’t get one.

[Source: Autoblog]