We recently reviewed the new BMW M4 Competition Package, the Bavarians’ attempt to improve the sharpness of the somewhat numb M4. We found that the Comp Pack turns the BMW M4 into the car it should have been all along, without wasting time with the standard car. It improved the dynamics, looks and the noise, the latter quite significantly, to the point where we can actually start to feel the BMW M DNA we were missing without it. Now, Car and Driver has given the M4 Comp Pack a go, so we’ll see if what they found mirrors what we found.

Overall, yes. The folks at C&D feel that the Comp Pack does improve the M4 in all of the aforementioned areas. But, like us, they still feel it isn’t perfect.


The steering is better, but not miles better. However, there is a hint of feedback coming through the helm and it feels a bit sharper. I’m glad to see C&D noticing that as well, as I was fearing that I may have fallen victim to a BMW marketing ploy. However, it wasn’t just us, the steering is better, if only by a bit.

What’s most improved though is the exhaust, which now sounds like a proper sports car. It crackles and bangs and roars. It actually sounds good now, whereas the standard M4 sounded a bit too tinny and artificial. I personally felt that the exhaust alone was worth the $5,500 price tag for the Comp Pack, so it really is a significant improvement.

Then there’s the looks. While its design was never a point of issue for the M4, as it’s a stunning car, the Competition Package elevates it just enough to make it near perfect. The added black details on the exterior along with the gorgeous 20-inch wheels make it menacing to look at. It also gets better on the inside. You get some seats with holes in them, unfinished carbon fiber trim and M-colored stripes on the seatbelts (worth it right there). It’s a great looking cabin.


C&D still had some complaints about the ride, though we didn’t notice any issue really. Yes, the ride is firm, but that’s kind of what you sign up for with a car like the M4 Competition Package. Want a cushy ride, buy a BMW X5. And, of course, it could still be sharper and more full of feedback. The last part we agree with but we’re just happy that the Comp Pack exists to liven up the standard M4.

[Source: Car and Driver]