Some of the biggest BMW fans might be up to date with the history of its naturally aspirated engines and when they went out of production completely. But in case you’re not one of them, here’s your chance to actually own a piece of Bavarian history. That’s because you can now buy the last naturally aspirated BMW M3 ever made thanks to a dealer in Germany.

Back in 2013, an era was ending for BMW. It was an era that saw the Bavarians making impressive atmospheric engines that used to rev into oblivion. However, forced by tightening legislation to move on to forced-induction, by the end of 2013 almost the entire line-up of BMW models was powered by turbocharged mills. The only noticeable exception was one of the last brilliant pieces of engineering the M division laid its hands on without forcing air into the cylinders — the S65 engine.

In late 2013, the last BMW E93 M3 Convertible rolled off the assembly line of the Garching plant, fitted with the last naturally aspirated engine the Germans made, the iconic 4-liter V8 we had all grown to love. This car is now located in the showroom of Mint Classics in Germany, up for grabs. As expected, BMW made sure this is truly a special car and fitted it with a couple of bespoke bits to make it stand out in the crowd.

Apart from being a fully-optioned drop top, the car also comes with a plaque installed above the interior rearview mirror, saying this is the 65,985 model out of 65,985 M3s ever made. Furthermore, the car was put together using the Individual catalogue. The exterior paint is Macao Blue, the same hue used on the anniversary BMW 30 Jahre M3, a tribute to the original E30 M3. The M stripes used for the coach line were hand drawn, in a process similar to the one used by Rolls-Royce. Unfortunately, the pricing isn’t listed but, as you can probably expect, this car marks the end of a very important chapter in BMW’s history, so it’s probably very expensive.