A recent report indicates that BMW Motorrad is intending to further grow its very successful Heritage motorcycle family. This coming September, the Bavarian brand will officially launch its second Heritage offering, the R nineT Scrambler. Now, it seems that the Heritage line will increase, by 50%.

The report originates from Motorcycle.com, and is based upon a filing BMW Motorrad lodged with the California Air Resources Board. The information given to the regulatory body confirms that the two new offerings will share the same lauded heart as the R nineT. That is, the 1170cc, 110HP Boxer motor which, though it has been upgraded over the decades, BMW built its reputation upon. Well, at least its reputation in the realm of two-wheeled premium vehicles.

BMW R nineT Scrambler-images-166

With this new information, some have been speculating that one of the new variants will be based on the Lac Rose Concept bike, which we covered for you earlier this year. The report states that the new variants will be dubbed the R nineT Pure and R nineT Sport, neither of which sound like an off-road oriented model, in my opinion.

BMW R nineT Scrambler-images-150

Currently, there exists a version of the R nineT called the R nineT Sport, but it is only available within the United Kingdom. We’ve too reported on this vehicle, in the past. It is quite possible that the R nineT Sport referenced in this report will simply be the R nineT Sport that the British have been enjoying. If so, that’s quite good news, as the café racer oriented vehicle is likely to be very appealing to U.S. consumers, whom are already smitten with the standard R nineT. Still, many have modified their R nineTs to further resemble that café racer look.

As for what the Pure variant might offer, I haven’t any idea. If you’ve got an idea of what you think it might be like, be sure to let us know in our comment section below. Either way, one thing I can say with certainty, is that I am excited to see how the Heritage line will develop and expand in the years to come, helping BMW Motorrad to reach its rather ambitious goal of 200,000 units per annum by 2020.

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