A BMW i3 joins the Romanian Police Force in Bucharest. Most of the Romanian police cruisers are based on the Dacia Logan and Volkswagen Polo models, therefore the i3 will bring some color to a somewhat boring cruisers lineup. The BMW i3 is equipped with the Range Extender feature which will give a driving autonomy of around 200 kilometers.

Just like the Los Angeles Police Department, Romanian Police Force will use the i3 as part of their operations, making the i3 REx the first electric range extender model to be used by a Romanian police service. In addition to Bucharest, other police departments use the BMW i3, among them the police forces in Bayern, Milan and London.


The i3 features blue and silver police graphics, roof-installed warning lights and flashes to ensure that other road users are warned in good time when the BMW i3 is on an emergency assignment. The current pilot will take place over 30 days and it remains unknown whether a police fleet order will after.