Currently, the BMW M2 is the hottest car in the Bavarian stable. It’s fast, fun, good looking and brings back the old-school M car feel that we all love and miss. It’s a fantastic car and we’ve heard a lot about it. But, we figured why not have another look at someone having a good time in one to remind us why everyone speaks so highly of it.

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire recently took the BMW M2 to the race track and had some fun chucking it around. But what makes Farah’s take on the M2 interesting is that he didn’t really like it at first. Not that he disliked it, but he wasn’t particularly sold on it being the great car everyone had talked it up to be. In fact, he even claimed that it didn’t feel very special at first. But when he starts to open it up on the track, he realizes what everyone has been talking about.

Numerous times throughout the video, Farah laughs and comments on just how much fun the BMW M2 is. He slides it around, both intentionally and unintentionally, clips apexes and ultimately just dances the M2 around the track. The entire time he’s doing so, there’s a smile on his face. Farah claims that the M2 is at its absolute best when dancing on its limits, balancing on its threshold of grip. You can see the back end just gently step out in a progressive and controllable manner, only for Farah to real it back it and laugh with enjoyment. It looks like a very fun car to track drive.


What’s also interesting about Farah’s opinion is that he’s a Ford Focus RS owner. He recently bought the BMW M2’s newest and most popular rival and still feels that the M2 is great fun to drive. That’s interesting because there seem to be a lot of Focus RS fans who are firmly in its camp and refuse to acknowledge the driving pleasure of the M2. But Farah seems to be a fan of both, like most people who appreciate good cars are.

This is a fun video to watch because we get to see the joy that the BMW M2 can bring once driven hard. It’s a willing dance partner and that’s all anyone can ask from a small BMW M car. It doesn’t have to be the fastest car on the track or most extreme or put down the best numbers. It just has to be fun and that’s exactly what the BMW M2 is.