Debuting along with Rolls Royce’s similarly name concept, the MINI Vision NEXT 100 is a concept that can change the way we look at urban mobility. Unveiled in London, the new visionary concept emphasizes the future of mobility and personalization.

With the motto of “Every MINI is my MINI”, the MINI Vision Next 100 focuses on the idea of allowing drivers in urban city centers to hail a MINI perfectly tailored to their preferences, wherever they are and at any time. Once inside, the MINI will actually adapt itself to the driver’s individual tastes and preferences.


MINI design team aimed to develop a car that could actually adapt to the tastes and preferences for many different users. So what they did was create a sort of “blank canvas” design, where the MINI Vision NEXT 100 is wrapped in a sort of silver skin that can change colors and designs, depending on the driver’s preferences.

On the inside of this MINI Concept is a centrally-positioned circular instrument, similar to the center screen on current MINIs, called the “Cooperizer”. It changes color like a kaleidoscope, as the multi-faceted digital intelligence selects different personality, entertainment, communications and autonomous settings for the driver.


The interior of the Vision Next 100 also includes brass, basalt and cellulose.

Design wise, the Vision Next 100 from MINI retains the typical MINI design cues and proportions, including the iconic roof. Yet the concept gives a bold vision of the future with a vast windscreen that extends all the way down to the glass grille to give unparalleled forward visibility.


Similar to the other BMW Group Vision cars, a set of thin led lamps are embedded on the leading edge of the front fenders. From the rear, the futuristic MINI shows some prominent wheel houses, a high belt line floating roof and a full width LED tail lamps. The aggressive wheel arches emphasize the sporty spirit of a MINI.


At 3620mm, the Vision Next 100 is 560mm longer than the original Mini but 270mm shorter than the current Mini hatchback.

MINI officials have refrained from commenting on the electric drivetrain used by the Vision Next 100, but this concept shows that the British marque is seriously considering a zero-emission vehicle.