ClipperCreek unveiled the HCS Series with ChargeGuard at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo this month. The ChargeGuard is an affordable access control solution designed for fleet, workplace, multi-tenant, hospitality and residential charging applications. The ChargeGuard option, priced at an affordable $78, delivers reliable key-based access control for the Level 2, 240V ClipperCreek HCS Series product line which starts at $565. The combination, priced starting at $643, is a great value for an access controlled charging solution.

“The HCS with ChargeGuard is a robust and cost effective solution for companies who desire access control but do not want to pay high upfront hardware costs or ongoing network fees,” said Will Barrett, Sales Director for ClipperCreek, Inc. “ChargeGuard allows station owners to issue keys to restrict usage and control electric utility expenses. The ChargeGuard was developed in part based on feedback from employers who want to offer charging for their employees at an affordable price point.”


Using the ChargeGuard is very simple: plug the vehicle in, insert the key into the station and turn to start charging. The key can be removed and power will be available until the vehicle is disconnected. The key could also be left in place in the “on” position for open access charging.

There are a wide variety of applications for the ChargeGuard. Fleet managers can use it to restrict charging location to specific fleet vehicles for data gathering. Multi-tenant housing managers can use it to restrict charging to eligible residents. Commercial property managers can utilize it to offer charging for enrolled tenants.

Designed to serve the residential, workplace, fleet, and public amenity charging markets, a ChargeGuard enabled HCS includes a 3-year warranty, a fully sealed, rugged NEMA 4 enclosure, 25 feet of charge cable, and a separate, low profile wall mount connector holster.

Features of the ChargeGuard enabled HCS include:

  • Multiple key options – purchase identical or varied keys for a location
  • More reliable than complicated communications based access control
  • No internet connection required for station and user portals
  • No employee training required
  • No software updates to phone and browser apps
  • No complex web-based user interface and smart phone apps
  • Integrated cable wrap making storing the cable simple and convenient
  • Next generation SAE-J1772 connector with optional padlock feature
  • No assembly required
  • ClipperCreek customers are supported by an exceptional customer service team
  • Made in America
  • Plug vehicle in, turn the key, charging starts; will not reset until the EV is unplugged