This year’s BMW Motorrad Days, the biggest BMW Motorrad gathering, is fast approaching. To be held July first through the third, the event will be at the base of the Hausberg in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The event will encompass everything from partying, to relaxation and, of course, an opportunity to ride BMW motorcycles.

At the event, guests will be able to chat with the people who contribute to the creation of BMW motorcycles. This includes engineers and developers, as well as designers. Others whom will be present at the event are German actor Hannes Jaenicke, ice wheelie world record holder Robert Gull and Superbike rider Sabine Holbrook, along with many others.


For those whom enjoying off-road riding, a free to enter, enduro competition has been organized. The GS try-out trophy will, almost certainly, be tons of fun, but for one rider, it will also be very materially rewarding. The winner will be awarded a BMW motorcycle. However, there is another off-road course for the non-competitive riders to leisurely test the GS bike’s limits, as well. Whilst on the topic of riding, attendees can go on scenic mountain, on road tours, to test a wide variety of BMW Motorrad’s current offerings.

If what we’ve covered so far were the full extent of the event’s activities, it’d be very exciting, but there’s more. The will be drag races open to riders with 2 and 4 valve boxer engines. There will be a stunt show, performed by freestyle stunt performer Mattie Griffin. Still, what is a motorcycle show without a velodrome? Don’t worry, Donald Ganslmeier’s Motodrome will be there, performing impressive feats within very close proximity to spectators.


If you need a bit of relaxation, fret not. There will be a beergarden (don’t drink and ride) and a social media lounge, where device chargers will be present, and where you can socialize with those who are attending the event, as well as with those whom wish they were attending the event, using the hashtag #bmwmotorraddays. If partying is more your style, a big party is planned and will be open to attendees free of charge. Live music guests will include Blechblosnband and the Bogus Brothers.

Fun times often compel us to buy souvenirs, except that the pin for sale at the event is much more than that, it’s also your entry into a contest to win a brand new motorcycle. In addition, more than 100 exhibitors will be present with exciting accessories and other items for sale.