BMW has some of the largest and most loyal communities around the world. Being the US, Europe, Asia or Africa, every corner of the world has its own little or big local club of BMW drivers who love to get together and celebrate and cherish their cars. South Africa is one of those places where the BMW community is stronger than ever and local Cars & Coffee meetups are the norm.

This past weekend, a “Cars n Coffee” event took place on the rooftop of a Mall in Johannesburg and gathered an impressive fleet of old and new BMWs. From E30 and E46 M3s and one-of-a-kind M325is, to the new M3 and M4, and even sportscars from other brands, there was a car for every fan looking to spend some quality time and have some coffee.

The photo gallery below takes us in a journey to the South African BMW community. Let’s have a look.

[DIVIO | photography za | Instagram: Diviophotography]