All of us enthusiasts tend to think we know more than BMW when it comes to selling and creating cars. We constantly say that BMW is wrong and we’re right and why doesn’t BMW listen to us? I’ve done it a bunch of times, saying BMW should sell more diesels in America and that we should get hatchbacks here. However, the reality is that we don’t know better than BMW and the Bavarian brand is doing exactly what it should.

But what if, only for a day, we could be in charge of BMW and make decisions for the brand that would continue after you are gone? What would you do to shape BMW going forward? Would you create new models, eliminate current models or maybe bring back an old, classic nameplate? There are so many ideas that float around forums and blogs of what fans would like BMW to do. So now’s your chance to actually do it.

So if you could, what would be your first course of action?

BMW M3 Touring photoshop 1 750x450

I can tell you what I would do and I think you will see it coming. If I were put in charge of BMW for the day, my first and most important decision would be to create a BMW M3 Touring. It just makes so much sense, as both Audi and Mercedes-AMG have powerful wagons that are capable of both shredding tires and hauling groceries. But BMW lacks such a vehicle.

The Bavarians used to have an M5 Touring, but it didn’t last very long and it was very expensive. The current F80 BMW M3 is an incredible machine that’s both fast and usable everyday. Add more practicality to it and a kick-ass wagon body style and you would have created possibly the best car in the world. Keep it rear-wheel drive and available with a manual and enthusiasts would weep with joy.

I have a strong affinity for wagons, especially BMW Tourings, and a modern BMW M3 Touring would be my absolute dream car. So if I were in charge of BMW for a day, I’d create a BMW M3 Touring and sell it world-wide, profits be damned. What would you do?