More than 1,600 BMW ALPINA automobiles were sold in 2015

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2015 marks a milestone in the history of the ALPINA automobile manufacture: the medium-sized family-owned business, founded by Burkard Bovensiepen in 1965, has been active for 50 years and has since turned into a well-established member of the automotive industry.

The 50th anniversary was the perfect occasion to develop two limited edition models. Featuring special heritage options as well as extra power and torque, the EDITION 50 models embody the perfect connection between the present and the past. All 100 automobiles sold quickly, with the majority going to Germany and Japan.


Overall, more than 1,600 BMW ALPINA automobiles were sold in 2015, with more than 600 units delivered in the domestic market. Besides Germany, the USA and Japan remain ALPINA’s key markets.

The company’s automotive division achieved a total turnover of more than 90 million Euros in 2015.

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Along with the special anniversary editions, the BMW ALPINA XD3 Bi-Turbo was also in strong demand. The lasting trend for SUVs helped the XD3 achieve the biggest surge in sales throughout the ALPINA product portfolio over the previous year. 248 units could be shipped in 2015. The 3 Series model update was also highly appreciated, with the D3 and B3 models accounting for one third of ALPINA’s entire production. More than 280 units of the ALPINA B6 Gran Coupé, which was successfully launched in the USA in 2014, could be sold in 2015.

In 2016, this model will be complemented by the launch of the BMW ALPINA B7 which will premiere at the Geneva Auto Show. Shortly after, the BMW ALPINA B7 will be showcased at the New York Auto Show.

5 responses to “More than 1,600 BMW ALPINA automobiles were sold in 2015”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    Their problem is that you barely can buy them. I’m not sure but i think there is like one dealer in France. Wtf.

    • Matt Stokes says:

      5. Paris, Toulouse, La Roche, Valence and Metz. It’s actually got the 3rd largest Alpina dealer network in the world!

      As a comparison we’ve got 17 I think in the UK. And there are more than 30 in Germany.

      2 in Belgium and a handful elsewhere. Japan and Australia each only have 1!

      • Kaisuke971 says:

        Oh yeah you’re right i don’t know why i’ve always thought it was one.
        But still it would be good to like, for example, replace the top of the line non M by an Alpina ?

        • Matt Stokes says:

          In an ideal world (emissions testing aside) Alpina would offer everything in all markets served by BMW. I think Alpina’s are a suitably different proposition that it wouldn’t affect sales of other models too much.

          I’m guessing there is some cost or investment required by dealers to be able to offer the Alpina products – whether that is in display/demo models, service training, parts stock-holding…. and if there isn’t the suitable demographic locally the dealers may decide it’s not worth it.

          I think I’m right in saying Alpina’s are pretty much assembled on BMW’s own production lines now, so it’s not like Alpina couldn’t handle more capacity if they wanted.

          • 2sfhim says:

            Actually the problem is not how to sell more cars, but rather how to produce more. Yes, really (*according to what I’ve heard*). Why? Because Alpina’s are now pretty much assembled on BMW’s own production lines. In the past, this system used to work quite well apparently because when they started to do that, Alpina’s began to be almost always slightly less powerful than M cars (a “gentleman’s agreement”). But since the Bovensiepen sons manage the company, Alpina models tend to be more powerful: Alpina begins to become a threat to M models. And now BMW strangely takes more time than ever to produce Alpina cars. The delay of delivery of the new D3/B3/D4/B4 is said to be of several months: up to 18 for the B4! Then no wonder that potential customers end up buying the M3 or M4 (only a few months of delay) or a 335d.

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