Around this time of year, people scramble around in both stores and on the internet, looking for gifts for friends and family. Whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever else is being celebrated, this time of year is generally about holidays and gift giving. For those of you who are enthusiasts or have enthusiasts in your life that you’d like to give gifts to, EngravedBluePrintArt has an excellent gift for car enthusiasts.

What Engrave Colorado makes, that gear-heads will love, is blueprint engravings. These are engraved  blueprint portraits of cars and the engines that power them. Trust me, that description doesn’t do their work justice. These are very detailed engravings of blueprints of your favorite cars and they can do any car you’d like.


To get the engraving you want, you simply give them some information about the desired car, such as year, make, model, body style and the VIN number. Being that you provide the VIN, the blueprint is of that exact vehicle, with all of the information you could possibly desire. This is excellent for someone who has a car that means a lot to them, as it gives them a memento of that exact vehicle. You can also have the engraving customized to reflect a car with aftermarket wheels, aerodynamics or other parts. So your engraving will be as accurate and detailed as possible.

These engraved blueprints can be made out of either Alder wood, for an old-school look, Anodized Aluminum, for a more modern look, or Acrylic, which comes in either black or white. Regardless of which you choose, each blueprint comes framed and ready to hang on your wall, so you do none of the heavy lifting.

Horizontal Frame Mock-up Template


For example, if you have an E30 BMW M3 that means quite a bit to you (of course it does, it’s an E30 BMW M3), you can get an exact blueprint of the legendary car. This blueprint will provide the exact dimensions of the car from every angle, have multiple diagrams of the body and even have a diagram, with details and specifications, of the engine. It’s an amazing way to look at the inner workings of one of your favorite cars. It can even come in different styles, such as a Standard Landscape style, Poster Landscape style and a Standard Portrait style.


These sort of personalized, custom-designed engraved blueprints can make the perfect gift for the enthusiast in your life, even if that enthusiast is you. It allows fans to have something about their car, not just a car and that’s something special.

Engraved Blueprints-bmw-m4

Here are a couple of links about the process of creating the artwork and some BMW-related examples: