The E34 BMW 5 Series is possibly the least popular of all 5 Series’. Not that’s it’s the worst or even bad, but it’s just not very desirable or worth much anymore. 5 Series like the E39 and E60 have eclipsed its popularity on the second hand market. But the E34 is actually a good project car, as it’s cheap, big, has a lot of room under the hood, has a good chassis and looks pretty cool. So it can be fun to tune them out.

BMW E34 525i

Well, it seems as if a car enthusiast named Justin felt the same way and purchased himself an E34 535i in 1998. After many years of modifying the car, swapping engines and One-Lapping the car, he ended up with this version of it and it’s crazy.

Justin let Matt Farah take his E34 out for a test drive and came back quite impressed. This 535i is turbcharged, has an air-to-water intercooler, Brembo brakes and new suspension, among so many other modifications, and makes around 400 hp. Farah takes it for a spin on some nice twisty Connecticut roads and proves how fast it is. After about 4,000 rpm, Farah says that this modified 535i is really quick. The turbo noise is also pretty cool.

Modded BMW E34 535i

What’s most impressive about this car is how reliable it is. Being able to One-Lap in it (One-Lap is an extreme set of nine races over the course of eight days on tracks that are around 500-600 miles apart) is incredible. No only does he track it hard, but it has to be able to drive for thousands of miles in just a couple of days without breaking, which is very difficult for a car of its age and with its extreme modifications.

If you’re into E34 BMW 5 Series’, or into modified BMWs in general, check this video out.