For Model Year 2016, BMW i3 will get a new set of colors. When it launched in 2013, BMW’s first fully electric car was available with two non-metallic paints – Arravani Grey and Capparis White – and four metallic colors – Ionic Silver, Solar Orange, Laurel Grey and Andesite Silver. For next year’s car, only three of the six colors have made the cut: Capparis White, Ionic Silver and Solar Orange. The new paint jobs offered are Fluid Black, Platinum Silver and Mineral Grey.

While the colors look similar to the previous offerings, the new paint code indicates that a variation in shade is likely to be present.

The i3 will go through a facelift process next year with a market launch planned for 2017. Some visual changes are expected, as well as some new tech updates, and possibly a newer battery pack.


Over 30,000 copies of the BMW i3 and BMW i8 have been sold since their market launch in late 2013. Sales are expected to increase in the second quarter of this year and in 2016.

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