BMW has big plans for the new 7 Series flagship. According to AutomotiveNews, BMW North America is rolling out an exclusive program for 7 Series customers. Marketed under Ultimate Benefits tagline, the new program will include five benefits: encore delivery, service priority, pickup and delivery, annual free detailing and 24/7 concierge service. The program has to be offered by all BMW dealers with the expenses reimbursed by the corporate office.

BMW NA CEO, Ludgwig Willisch says a second delivery will be done by a BMW specialist called a Genius a few weeks after the customer takes the car home. It will give owners further orientation of the car’s features. “With all the new features that other BMWs do not have, we need to explain that to our customers,” Willisch said. “We owe it to the customer that he knows about these features. It is a premium experience having the car explained in detail.”

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Owners are also guaranteed a service appointment within 48 hours of a call or email, and the dealership, if requested, will pick up and drop off the car. Once a year, the dealership will give the car what BMW called the Ultimate Spa Treatment, a professional detailing and cleaning.

Willisch says BMW has 1,500 orders for the 7 Series. Earlier this year, BMW held 100 private showings attended by 6,500 customers and potential owners, but remains unclear how many of those turned or will turn into paid customers.

BMWBLOG also had the chance to see the new 7 Series last month and we will drive the car next week in New York. Stay tuned!