Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced today a new all-electric car, Model S P90D which comes with “Ludicrous Mode”. The updated Model S will do 0 to 60 mph in a shocking 2.8 seconds compared to the 3.1 seconds recorded by the P85D model.

“Ludicrous mode” is achieved through “fairly advanced and exotic electronics” (as Musk calls it) and an upgraded battery pack, from 85 to 90 kWh, which Tesla says is good for an extra 15 miles of range—putting the grand total at 300 miles – at 65 mph.

In the P85D, the car’s acceleration has been capped by how much current can be safely drawn from the battery, about 1,300 amps. Anything beyond that would melt the fuse. Tesla’s engineers have developed a new fuse that uses electronics and its own lithium ion battery to detect its melting point, and cut power if necessary.


The upgrade battery can fire out 1,500 amps of power.

Current P85D owners can make the upgrade at their local Tesla service center. The bigger battery pack and extra range will cost $3,000. For the new electronics that enable “ludicrous mode,” it’s $5,000 plus labor. On the new P90D, the option will cost $10,000.