One of the best BMW M3s ever built, the E30 M3, goes around the legendary Lime Rock Park track. Based on the 1986 model year E30 3 Series, the first M3 was introduced with a 2.3 L I4 S14B23 engine producing 192 horsepower.

The E30 M3, arguably a motoring icon of the sports car world, has a near perfect weight distribution with a slight bias towards the front-end, leaving the rear-end to drift out perfectly with a slight lean on the throttle.

The heavenly mechanical noises coming from the S14 engine is all the excuse a true gear head needs to pull out the stereo, something BMW has recently forgot with their introduction of the F10 M5 and now other models.

Now let’s have a look at this track-ready E30 M3 and how it handles nearly 30 years later.