At the 2015 CES, we’ve learned that BMW aims to stay ahead of the innovation curve and lead in many areas when it comes to making driving safer and automated. The recently unveiled 2016 7 Series is already previewing some of the new tech, but others are scheduled to arrive in the next few years.

Currently BMW offers a Driving Assistant Plus package comprising not only of Collision Warning and Lane departure warning, but also Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, blind spot monitoring, a drowsiness monitor, side- and top-view parking cameras and a speed-limit display.


But that’s just the beginning. In the future, BMWs will get a new speed info function with a no-overtaking indicator, an incorrect driving warning, a right of way warning message and pedestrian protection in the rear with a visual and/or audio warning.

Those looking for the latest and greatest gadgets and integration with Apple products, could be in luck. According to sources, BMW is experimenting with the Apple CarPlay system. CarPlays essentially mimics the user’s iPhone onto the touchscreen and allows the driver to swipe and zoom in the same manner that they would on the phone.

At the WWDC 2015, Apple announced that CarPlay will soon let you control additional parts of your vehicle, directly from the iPhone. This means CarPlay can work together with apps created by manufacturers, making it easier for them to integrate their auto features with the service. Apple CEO Tim Cook also demoed a new functional which allows CarPlay to pair with infotainments systems wirelessly.

In the past, BMW has denied any future integration with CarPlay, but the quick adoption of Apple’s in-car system might change their mind.