At the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW will unveil the new F54 MINI Clubman. The quirky MINI already evokes a lot of interest from customers and it’s considered one of the core models for the brand. Under the slogan “This Way My Way”, New York artist Andre Saraiva becomes an ambassador for the Clubman F54. In the video below, Saraiva teases some of the qualities of the Clubman which will be more evident in the new generation. Celebrated tattooist and visual artist Scott Campbell discusses the importance of being yourself, and makes a homemade tattoo gun in a film by Saraiva.

The new F54 Clubman comes with four conventional doors, it’s 17 cm wider and 26 cm longer than its predecessor.

A BMW 1 Series Hatchback is only 10 cm longer than the new Clubman. This puts the F54 in the same premium compact class as other models.


The UKL front-wheel drive architecture divides the Clubman models with the smaller 3- and 5-door, and the front-wheel drive BMW models, the 2 Series tourers. In the Clubman, four- and three-cylinder engines will be used with a 231-hp MINI Clubman John Cooper Works top model being offered.

André Saraiva’s “This Way is My Way” with Scott Campbell for MINI Clubman – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.