Recently, a new teaser came out for the new James Bond movie, “Spectre”. James Bond has been the ultimate icon of cool since the first Bond film, Dr. No, debuted in the ’60s. He’s everything a man wants to be; tough, smart, drives an Aston Martin and is just ultimately cool. One of the best things Bond has, at least in the newer ones, is an Omega Seamaster. And since almost every gearhead loves Bond, the Seamaster is a highly sought after watch for us car enthusiasts.

The Seamaster is one of the best all-around watches one can buy. It’s both elegant and rugged. It can handle all of the activities of a Spy and still be able to be worn with a tuxedo and look fantastic. They’re beautifully built and can still survive a 2,000ft dive in the ocean. These kinds of diver’s watches, despite not being exactly motorsport inspired, are actually quite popular amongst car enthusiasts. They have a certain sporting appeal, whether that be for on the road or in the water.

It’s also a watch with history. It was first designed in 1957 and has been in production ever since. It’s been through several different versions with several different movements. There have been quartz movements, but mostly automatics. All of the movements are built in-house by Omega and the modern Seamaster has a unique Co-Axle design.

While the Omega Speedmaster is the more popular of the two, having been to the moon before any other watch. It’s also probably the more automotive inspired of the two, having a tachymeter. But the Seamaster is the Bond watch. Every car enthusiast wishes they were in a tuxedo driving an Aston Martin while wearing a Seamaster. Plus, BMW has a tie to Bond as well, with Pierce Brosnan driving a Z8, 750iL and a Z3. So wearing an Omega Seamaster and driving a BMW can almost make one feel like the coolest Spy of all time.

The Seamaster, in any variant, whether it be the Planet Ocean which is Bond’s latest, or otherwise, is one of the watches that could be the only watch a man has and it be perfectly acceptable. It’s both beautiful and powerful, elegant and aggressive. Plus the ultimate icon of cool wore one, so if it’s good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for any of us.