Recently, our leader here at BMWBLOG, Horatiu, got some wheel time in the brand spankin new Cadillac ATS-V. He came away impressed, mostly, with the only criticisms being about the interior and CUE system. But dynamically, the ATS-V seems to be a very good car. Well, if certain reports are true, Cadillac intends to make it even better.

There seems to be a future ATS-V+ model in the works. This extra powerful ATS-V will feature a 7.0 liter naturally aspirated V8, pulled from the Camaro Z/28. This engine is a fan favorite amongst the GM faithful, for its high-revving ‘Merican Muscle power. Admittedly, it is a very good engine with a great powerband and a lovely noise.


So what does this mean for the M3/M4? Well it means that they both might become even more out-powered. The current ATS-V makes 464 hp which is 44 more than the current M3. However, because the M3 is a bit lighter and uses its power more efficiently, it’s still faster than the Caddy, though not by much. So if Cadillac can hit, or get close to, the 500 hp mark, it’s a good possibility that the ATS-V+ can jump ahead of the M3.

Another advantage for the ATS-V+ would be character. The only real negative remark for the F80 M3’s engine is the sound and character. In terms of power and performance, the engine is a masterpiece, but lacks a bit of the lovely sound M3s of yore would make. So giving the ATS-V+ a loud, thumping V8 could make it the more interesting car.

It’s still too early to make any assumptions about this, but it is an interesting thought. If Cadillac does this, and gives its latest BMW-fighter a big V8 to take on the Bavarian I6, it may just have too much firepower to overcome.

[Source: MotorTrend]