DINAN releases a Stage 2 DINANTRONICS tune for BMWs equipped with the N55 TwinScroll turbocharged engine.

The Stage 2 DINANTRONICS tune represents a sizable increase in power and torque over Stage 1 with users being able to expect gains of 58hp at 5500 rpm and 83 lb-ft of torque at just 3000 rpm.

The Stage 2 tune remains 50 state emissions legal and for those enthusiasts who already purchased DINANTRONICS Stage 1, they only pay the $250 difference between the two tunes.


DINAN is pairing the Stage 2 tune with a new cold air intake which maximizes the efficiency of the factory design first by utilizing a sealed air box that prevents the intrusion of hot under hood air while retaining an excellent pickup location for cold air. Air is passed through a large high-flow filter, past an upgraded MAF sensor and into a carbon fiber tube that provides much less restriction than the stock piece.



Users can expect gains of 10hp and 15 lb-ft of torque from the cold air intake.

Every DINAN product comes with their factory matching new car warranty.