From the series “Will never happen” comes today a rendering of what a BMW X6 Convertible would look like. Rendering artist Theophilus Chin takes the new X6 Sports Activity Coupe and gives it a cabriolet look. But what’s the basis for this “project”? In an interview with Romanian magazine Promotor, Swedish designer Tommy Forsgen, gave an ambiguous answer on whether BMW would ever build a convertible version of the popular SUV. Taken out of the context, the “no comment” reply can trigger a lot of speculations, which it clearly has.

Without a doubt, BMW won’t ever consider a convertible X6, even though Range Rover plans to tackle that niche in 2016 with an Evoque Cabriolet. Nissan also offered their Murano with the top down, but it has been a commercial failure.


The combination of an SUV and a cabriolet seems attractive at a first glance, but hard to execute and to market. Will BMW see an opportunity in the future with a smaller crossover cabriolet? Possibly, but for now, this is simply a Photoshop exercise.

[Rendering: TheophilusChin]