Rendering artist Giom Mouton is back again with some new, futuristic computer generated images of what a BMW hypercar could look like.

Mouton says that with his new creation the focus on the aerodynamics and the use of lightweight materials. The 3D images show a channel leading air past the back wheels and out the rear through ducting to eliminate turbulence. The front-end takes design cues from the BMW i8, but also from other supercars on the market. The hood features functional air vents to help cooling the V10 naturally-aspirated engine which is assisted by two electric motors for an all-wheel drive setup.

In the back, the twin taillpipes typical to BMW M cars and supercars in general are present also, as well as the L-shaped taillights specific to BMW design.

bmw hybrid supercar 08 662x750

The front fascia stands out with oversized air intakes which help guide the air through the wheels and air ducts in the rear.

A BMW hypercar would take on the likes of McLaren P1 or the new Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid, two cars regarded as some of the best in their class.

bmw hybrid supercar 04 750x423

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