Adrenalin is a story about BMW Motorsport. Covering BMW Touring Cars throughout its history, the movie take us back through some of the most violent and exciting decades of motorsport. From the early starts after the World War II ended, all the way to modern racers, this movie will capture the imagination of motorsport viewers worldwide.

Over two hours long, filled with BMW heritage, it’s a highly anticipated documentary.

Featured in it are prominent racing drivers of the eras, but more importantly, famous racing cars that delivers some unmeasurable excitement, adrenaline and fun!

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Adrenalin Movie

From the early beginnings to the thrilling ’80s, it’s all there! One could say that it takes us to a time when racing was dangerous, yet the most exciting. We will have a chance to review how it all got together, see how BMW M division started, what the BMW 1M meant for the company and racing division as well. It will provide an exhilarating introduction into the life of Touring Car racing.

Chapters of this movie are: Title Sequence // Roaring 60s // Founding of “M” + Success with 3.0 CSL // Junior Team // M1 + Procar // Art Cars // BMW 635 // Trio Infernale // M3 – The Legend // Golden Era – The Old DTM // STW Wheel to Wheel // Racing Unlimited in WTCC // Spirit of Endurance – 24 Hour Racing Le Mans, Spa + Nürburgring // Gettin’ Ready + Comeback in DTM // M4’s First Win and Reprise.

It was produced by brothers Tim and Nick Hahne, and Julius Jacoby. Together with their crew, the two filmmakers spent an entire year traveling throughout Europe, during which time they conducted about 30 interviews with BMW Motorsport drivers and management past and present. They also dug out previously unreleased archive material.

Our sister-blog sat down with Tim Hahne and Julius Jacoby for an exclusive interview.