Several auto industry executives demonstrate how to exit the BMW i8 hybrid sports car on the press preview days of the 2015 North American Auto Show.

With its extremely ride height and the spectacular scissor door, the BMW i8 can be quite a challenge to enter and exit, especially for those on the tall side or…women wearing skirts.

The doors swinging upwards when opened are not usually the culprit, the real challenge is getting into the sporty bucket seats.

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While testing the car last year, BMW engineers and designers recommended that the best way to enter and exit the i8 is to first sit perpendicularly on the seat with the legs out of the car then slowly rotate your body and drag your legs inside.

BMW says it takes some practice to get used to it, but in no time you would be jumping in and out of the car with no issues.

I’m around 6″2 (188 cm) so entering the i8 presented a challenge for me, but after about five tries, I became a pro at it. Even while wearing skinny jeans.

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Here is the video from the Detroit Auto Show: