Rain greeted the BMWs of the Tudor Championship & CTSCC at Daytona Speedway on the last day of Roar Testing. Eventually the skies opened up to a bit of sunshine but at that point most of the teams had chosen to begin packing up instead of risking equipment in sketchy conditions during a test weekend.

Prototype – BMW powered DPs made up to the 7th overall position with a late Sunday lap set by Rubens Barrichello in the Dinan powered Riley DP. Newcomer RG Racing was shortly behind and just outside of the Top 10. The gap is minimal so over 24 Hours this lap time difference should not pose much concern. With stars like Rubens behind the wheel over a double or triple stint the speed of the Corvette DPs might just be made up!

Photos: Halston Pitman | MotorSportMedia 2015

BMWBlog MotorSportMedia Daytona Speedway Roar Testing Sunday 2

BMWBlog MotorSportMedia Daytona Speedway Roar Testing Sunday 4

GTD – Turner Motorsports arrived late Saturday in order to run the final two sessions. They immediately went towards the top of the time sheets in the wet sessions, seemingly jumping right back where they were at the end of last season. Michael Marsal will be subbing in for Dane Cameron as the only driver change on the car. Mostly wet weather running was on the schedule so true speed will not be known with any new BoP adjustments until race weekend. Expect Turner to be running towards the front during the Rolex 24 Hour.

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CTSCC – GS did not see any BMWs turning laps during the wet sessions. Overall, without the strongest BMW GS teams present, the Mustang Boss 302R appears to be extremely strong as in years past at Daytona. A fully camouflaged Mustang 350R was present at IMSA tech for a few minutes hinting at the future.

BMWBlog MotorSportMedia Daytona Speedway Roar Testing Sunday 7

Two lone 128s decided to test the slick surface and turn a few laps during both sessions. BMWs and Porsches look to have a very strong in the ST Class with BimmerWorld Racing fielding two BMWs and two Porsches look for them to be strong in many combinations at each weekend.

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Full Tudor Timing – http://www.imsa.com/sites/default/files/race_result_files/TUSC%20Roar-Daytona%20Combined%20P1-P8.pdf?invalidate-cache=1397832873

Full CTSCC Timing – http://www.imsa.com/sites/default/files/race_result_files/CTSC%20Roar-Daytona%20Combined%20P1-P6.pdf?invalidate-cache=1397832873