Tire-maker Kumho has announced that it is supplying its high performance tires as original equipment for some of the BMW 3 Series models.

At the same time, Bridgestone will supply BMW’s i3 and i8 models with its ologic technology.

“The ECSTA HM KH31 has been approved by the BMW Group for fitment to certain models in the 3 Series range and deliveries of this product in size 225/55R16 are now being made to BMW’s Munich and Regensburg factories,” said an official statement by Kumho.


Kumho’s UHP tread technology is known for its responsive handling as well as “excellent” stability and wet weather traction.

Bridgestones ologic technology hits the road_960x480

Bridgestone’s tires for the BMW i brand are a large-diameter tire with a narrow width, but with a tall sidewall. The concept is intended to help improve the driving range of the electric cars.

For the M cars, Michelin continues to remain the OEM of tires.

[Source: RubberNews]