BMWBLOG loves spending time in the garage taking care of our BMWs. Griot’s Garage has been a favorite of ours to help with keeping our BMWs looking great. Recently I bought a Griot’s car wash bucket as my wife kept using my others for yard work.  Now with its bright red color and rectangular shape, it should be safe from being re-purposed.

The thing I really am liking about a dedicated car wash bucket are the grates on it.  There is one protecting the bottom and one on the top to hold tools. When washing the car a car the sponge or mitt picks up contaminates and particulates. Dipping the mitt back into the bucket, these heavy particles fall to the bottom and are kept in the bottom protected by the grate so you don’t pick them back up and scratch your car’s finish.

The Griot’s car wash bucket is rather large, measuring roughly 21” long, 10” tall and 10” wide, and can hold a staggering 6 gallons. In the center of the grate is a small circular cup to facilitate exact measurement of soap for the bucket. It’s nice and I’ve used it once, but I would typically wing it. The first time I filled the bucket up wasn’t so sure it was going to be fun to pick it up. Griots does offer optional wheels for it, but as our driveway is sloped, I elected to save the money. Griots has placed a very sturdy handle on the bucket and when lifting it, the grip centers your hand so it doesn’t tip and slosh soapy water all about.

All in all, I am very happy with the $29.99 Car Wash Bucket that will be solely for car washing and have found it a great addition to my garage. Here are a few new products from Griots we will be testing as well:  The Yo-Yo Hand Applicator, Correcting & Waxing that can both polish and protect in one multipurpose pad. The Yo-Yo Hand Applicator, Correcting & Waxing features a firm orange Euro foam side designed for use with compounds and polishes for removing light to moderate defects, leaving the finish sparkling and swirl-free. The other side is ultra-soft red foam that is for applying a razor-thin, even layer of wax or sealant. The pad is machine washable and reusable.

Next is Griot’s Garage Complete Compound to eliminate serious scratches and the finesse to dispatch swirl marks and spider webs. Complete Compound wipes off easily with a clean micro fiber cloth leaving a wax-ready surface. It can be applied by hand or with a random orbital and is safe for all automotive finishes, including clearcoats. For neglected finishes with more defects team Complete Compound with a Griot’s Garage Micro Fiber FAST pad and watch the shine come up.

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