One of the best ways to improve the performance of your BMW is to simply shed some weight and carbon fiber is without a doubt the most lightweight material being used today.

Simply put, carbon fiber aftermarket aero parts are in high demand these days. California-based shop Vorsteiner unveils their BMW F10 5 Series and M5 single sided Boot Lid in the signature prePreg carbon fiber.  The aero part needs fairly little introduction, it’s simply a lightweight carbon fiber solution replacing a heavy component made out of metal.

Vorsteiner BMW F10 5 series Boot Lid 4 750x500

Lately, Vorsteiner has been at the forefront of aftermarket aero carbon fiber parts for most brand new performance cars. Their products are seldom seen as just a fashion statement, but more so as a viable performance update on cars that are already providing a lightweight, beautiful and performance oriented exterior.

Vorsteiner BMW F10 5 series Boot Lid 3 750x500

It’s not a susprise that this part will achieve just what it’s supposed to – remove the additional weight. As a sole philosophy of keeping the car’s performance at the same level, while improving acceleration, cornering speed and handling, modding your car with lightweight materials is the way to go.

And yes, they make your car stand out even more.

Vorsteiner BMW F10 5-series Boot Lid

Vorsteiner BMW F10 5-series Boot Lid