The launch color of the BMW M4 Coupe can now be seen on the M4 Convertible as well. From BMW Abu Dhabi Motors comes a 2014 BMW M4 Convertible in the Austin Yellow paint job.

Just like the F80 BMW M3 and F82 BMW M4, the M4 Convertible can be also ordered with Alpine White, Mineral Grey MetallicSakhir OrangeBlack Sapphire MetallicSilverstone Metallic and Mineral White Metallic. Frozen colors will be offered in 2015.


The M division sees the M4 Convertible as a car requested by a small, yet passionate and wealthy M3/M4 owners. Built atop the 4 Series Convertible and the M4 Coupe, the business case for a cabriolet version is simple: high profit for relatively small changes.


BMW M4 Convertible stands out with the typical M design cues: an aggressive front apron, the 3D shaped kidney grille with the M logo, the flared wheel arches and the iconic four tailpipes. Add to these the beautiful Moonstone Metallic paint from the BMW Individual catalog and some black wheels, and you have a looker on your hands.


Compared to the coupe, the M4 Convertible not only gets a retractable hardtop but also gets an additional 250 kilograms of weight for a total of 1750 kilos (3858 lbs). More on the weight and its impact on the driving experience in the following paragraphs.

The M4 Convertible inherits the S55 six-cylinder 3.0 liter turbo engine from the M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe. Along with it comes a dual-clutch 7 speed transmission (optional) or the six-manual. While a fan of manual transmissions, I came lately to not only admire but also appreciate the precision of the 7-speed DCT. For a car that aims to be a sporty cruiser, the 7-speed DCT seems like the natural choice.


The wheel-mounted paddles can be adjusted for three different types of gear changes. In the calmest setting, the shifting is less violent while in the most aggressive setting, the car thumps at each new ration, reminding you this is, in the end, a sports car.

The 2015 BMW M4 convertible in the US starts at $73,425. That represents an increase of $8300 compared with the 2015 M4 coupe and $1750 versus the 2013 M3 convertible.