When the new BMW i3 made its U.S. debut earlier this year, some of the lease deals that consumers encountered were considered to be on the high side, mostly due to the low residual value of the car and no incentives from BMW Financial Services.

In time, the monthly lease payments have come down in price considerably, in some cases as much as a few hundred dollars. GreenCarReports says that a customer of Stevens Creek BMW, in Silicon Valley’s Santa Clara, California, managed to secured a lease deal of $369/month with $3,995 due at signing for an i3 BEV.

The mileage is limited to 10,000 miles a year.


Apparently the dealership has over 40 BMW i3s in stock but this particular deal applies to five i3 units and may not apply to other i3 models with different options and REx.

With more cars being produces and sold to the customers, seeing lower lease payments is normal. We’ve also recently learned that BMW has introduced a sales support program for the i3 which will help the sales tremendously.

The i3 sales reported in August were 1,025 units, while the months before that, the sales numbers were consistent at around 350 a month.