The Greatest BMW Concept Cars Never Produced

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BMW M1 Hommage 05 750x500

What if BMW would have built all these concept scar? BMW CS Concept, BMW M3 Pickup, BMW 328 Hommage, BMW GINA, BMW Gran Lusso Coupe, BMW M1 Hommage

BMW have always been a big fan and supporter of concept cars. They love the damn things, and these last few years have been no different. With the recent demand for economical and ‘green’ motoring, BMW have been forced to go down the route of miles per gallon, but does that mean they won’t be giving us cars that still fondle down below? Of course they won’t!

The German’s have thankfully kept their priorities in order – just with a few amendments like turbo engines instead of naturally-aspirated ones – and with a whole host of new concepts, we thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the best that BMW never put into production.

BMW M1 Hommage

BMW M1 Hommage 05 750x502

The original, beautiful, over-priced M1 was the blueprint for all modern M-cars. Without that first flop – sales wise – the new BMW M5 would not be the car it is today. The M1 was a lovely looking car, technically brilliant and as quick as Gandhi in slippers, but it was ridiculously expensive compared to its rivals, and as a result, nobody bought one.

BMW learned their lesson, and since then we’ve had incredible M-cars – much like this 2011 M1 re-make. Unfortunately, BMW won’t be putting this new M1 into production, which makes us sad, because, well, look at it. Have you ever seen such an aggressive piece of styling? It’s like a hybrid between an MMA fighter and Bronson.




The GINA was designed by then chief of design Chris Bangle, and it was produced to stand as a visual cue for BMW’s designers to draw and take inspiration from for future BMW designs. Interestingly, the GINA isn’t made from plastic, steel or fibreglass; it’s made entirely from fabric – apart from the engine, obviously.

So, the chances are fabric won’t become the next carbon fibre, but it’s different; that’s for sure. The GINA sits on the same platform as the old Z8 Roadster – which was never any good – and features a two-seat layout. Bangle claimed that the GINA’s fabric shell could be seen on production models in a decade – just make sure you don’t live in an area where youths have car keys on them, because we all know what would happen.

BMW 328 Hommage



Have you ever seen such a beautiful BMW? The 328 Hommage is very unlikely to ever hit production, which is not only a shame, but a damn disgrace. Look at the thing; it’s absolute stunning from every angle, and proof that car manufacturers need to get some dangly bits and put some concepts through to production.

The ethos behind the 328 is lightweight construction, and it represents a homage – hence the name – to the old Mille Miglia racer of the olden days.  Build it, BMW; do it for the world!

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive


BMW loves engineering, but they also love technology; so what do you do in 2011 when the world expects you to be innovative? You build a car that bring the latest geeky innovations into the car. This lovely concept may never see the light of day, but certain elements will – like the technology which provides the driver will the gimmicks needed inside the car.



BMW, build this car! You released this concept in 2007, and yet we still haven’t seen it on our roads – why? Why!!! It’s automotive porn. Any money-owning human with eyes would buy this car, it’s that good looking.

OK, so BMW probably won’t listen to the aforementioned paragraph, but you can’t deny the CS’s style and aggression. This should have been the car that the new 6-Series was designed from.

BMW M3 Pickup


Yep, that’s right; BMW did build this car. It’s not a joke. It’s not some type of sick practical joke that the Bavarians pulled on the world – unfortunately. It’s hard to imagine what type of person would want a 414 bhp BMW M3 Pickup on their drive, but there must be someone, because BMW didn’t just build this concept for the crack.

We’re praying this doesn’t make it into production – perhaps only in Australia, eh, BMW?

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe-photos-15

Based on the 7 Series platform, BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe showcases the collaboration between BMW and Pininfarina bring to the Gran Lusso Coupe. The concept features an imposing stance and elegant design lines and has the typical long wheelbase, stretched bonnet and set-back greenhouse. This has been one of the most exclusive and luxurious concepts BMW has ever built and while there is hope that some of the design elements will make it into the next 7 Series, the odds of this Gran Lusso Coupe to get into production are pretty slim. A shame, nonetheless!

11 responses to “The Greatest BMW Concept Cars Never Produced”

  1. jason bourne says:

    Pretty obvious why they were never produced: They’re ugly.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Which ones? They all look awesome!

      • Billy The Hillbilly says:

        well..I think the only “ready-to-be-sold” car in the selection is the 328 Hommage. Didn’t like it at the first glance that much, but it is definitely growing on me. The thought behind the car would be brilliant as well – if you think you are bad enough motherfker, give us 70, 000 Euros and we will give you a car with no doors, no roof and hardly any windshield, but it’s got massive R6/V8 up front with zillion horsepower! Think this would be a modern time burner and it would be even better 40 years down the road. The rest of it I think is exactly like the cars BMW is making today – kind of big, heavy looking and with the slight whiff of old fart about it… look at today’s Benz and you’ll see where I’m going. But the 328 Hommage is definitely badass as is!

  2. Otto says:

    M1 Hommage became the i8
    CS became the 6 Series Gran Coupe
    The Gina introduced the Z4
    The Gran Lusso might become the 8 Series is BMW decides to release a competitor to the S Class Coupe (A Audi A9 concept will be introduced at the LA show).
    The others are irrelevant AND ugly.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I would only agree with the CS Concept but not sure about the others. And even the CS, so much better looking than 6 Gran Coupe

      • Billy The Hillbilly says:

        They definitely took the whole back out of M1 Hommage, made few alterations to it and stuck it to the i8. That’s like a half of the car! Talking about CS – I know I loved it back then, but that is almost 5 years ago, the whole brand moved forwards and I think I like what they have with the 6 Gran Coupe a fair bit better..

        2 Otto: irrelevant and ugly? C’mon, you know you love the 328 Hommage, buddy :D. Unfortunately that’s the only car that didn’t make it to the production.. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Yes, def lots of design cues from M1 Hommage in i8.

          I know the whole brand moved on, but that CS….DAMN!

          • Billy The Hillbilly says:

            Heh, sure it was a huge DAMN! back then… all of the BMW fans were screaming for quite some time for this kind of car that could challenge the CLS on its own lawn… but BMW kept us entertained with the X6, X1 and 5 GT’s instead :D. I think nobody would bat an eyelid if they’d introduced the CS a year later as the new model of the BMW family back then, but obviously it wouldn’t fit the model tree or their design language… so they had to wait for the new 6 series to come along. But then again – why the hell they took so long introducing it once the 6 Coupe was on the market? Huge DAMN indeed!

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