Today, at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, BMW unveiled their latest and most exciting concept: Vision ConnectedDrive. Similar to the previous Vision Concept, EfficientDynamics, the latest design study from BMW showcases futuristic design lines that make use of the layering approach initiated with the first Vision Concept. The two-seater roadster features typical lines: long bonnet, short overhangs and strong, bold front-end.

As a two-seater roadster charged with emotion, the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is a particularly dynamic, purist interpretation of the characteristic BMW language of form: the long bonnet, the long wheelbase and the passenger compartment set well back seem to accelerate the vehicle even at a standstill.

The expressive 20-inch wheels, fashioned in three dimensions, underscore the sporting, dynamic character of the vehicle.

The front of the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive illustrates the typical characteristics of BMW design, with a strong horizontal orientation. The kidney grilles and dual, round headlights have been designed in a particularly flat fashion and lend the front a dynamic, modern expression.

The layering design ideas can be seen both inside and outside the car, complemented by a vast array of technology innovations that might make their way into future BMW production vehicles. The term “layering” describes a new approach to the BMW Group’s concept of design and its design language, redefining the way surfaces, interfaces and materials have been treated in the past. By working with different layers, organic radii and surfaces, the layering concept breaks up large volumes like the instrument panel, thus creating free space for features such as ventilation, operating elements or trays. The result is a modern, organically aesthetic, light and emotional design.

In person, the Concept looks even more impressive. Its aggressive lines and futuristic expressions stand out among the hundreds of vehicle present at the show. Displayed in an unique setup, just like its twin-brother back at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Vision Concept stole the show today during the official presentation.

But the new Vision Concepts stands for more than just design. The new concept is meant to showcase future technologies and advancements in the mobility field. The design and technology of this spectacular roadster are aimed at making the vehicle an integral part of a networked world.

Starting with the advanced Head-Up Display that uses technology to project in 3D essential information. Next we have the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Infotainment system which is based primarily on location-based information. Only information on the surroundings falling within a certain, predefined radius is shown. The filter features allow the information available to be filtered by content and to be displayed as a specific selection and even personalised. These filter settings can be made in the comfort of your own home or can be carried out spontaneously in the vehicle. Individually tailored information is thus obtained from raw data. The filters work semantically, ordering information not just by keyword but also by the meanings associated with that keyword.

Location-based services enable the information available to be used to create a digital tour of the city or to book a ticket, complete with the appropriate entry in the digital calendar.

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews with BMW Vision ConnectedDrive designers!