BMW and design and construction firm EIGHT unveil their recharging station for the new BMW i sub-brand. Dubbed Point One S solar, the ultra-modern recharging station is installed at the BMW Welt in Munich.

Looking like a wing, the recharging station is part of a national program to develop and popularize e-mobility in Germany. EIGHT also created a highly efficient manufacturing system for the Point One S to keep construction waste and energy consumption to a minimum.

The company says its design is adaptable to many different environments.


The wing-like canopy is populated with an array of solar panels and lined with a smart LED-based illumination system that alerts users at a distance whether the station is booked, occupied, or available for charging. To continue down the high-tech path, EIGHT also fitted their station with a touch screen for easier access and navigation.

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Like any smart solar panels, any excess electricity is fed back into the local electrical grid.

[Source: Gas2]