Multifunctional, eco-friendly and surprisingly light, the 11-piece Accessories collection from BMW i embodies the brand’s commitment to extending its philosophy into the smallest details. Developed to meet the requirements of flexible and emission-free mobility and tailored to the pure-electric BMW i3, Original BMW i Accessories are distinguished by sustainability throughout the value chain and well thought-out design allowing multiple uses. The aim was to come up with clever, well thought-out and useful products which will prove themselves day in, day out with their clear design, robustness, lightness and multifunctionality. The developers have used materials made from scrapped consumer goods – such as recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles – and renewable raw materials to produce the new Accessories. Optimised transport logistics allow CO2 emissions to be kept as low as possible, and the principle of “less is more” has also governed the selection of packaging.


“We design and produce our range according to a cradle-to-cradle process. Our aim is to preserve resources and, where possible, recycle materials. For example, we’ve developed an all-weather floor mat for the first time which is 100 percent recyclable,” explains Susanne Wüst, Product Manager for Original BMW i Accessories.

Another special feature of the 11-piece series is that low weight is a defining feature of all the products, in keeping with the innovative lightweight design concept of the BMW i models. With this philosophy in mind, they fulfil several functions where possible. For example, the luggage area protector can be converted quickly and easily into a waterproof transport box, and the clever multifunction cover offers four uses in a single package – from load compartment protector to picnic blanket. The colour scheme used for the Original BMW i Accessories can also be applied universally. Subtle tones – from black to classy grey shading – and detailed highlights in Electric Blue reference the hallmark BMW i colours.

The collection – winner of the iF product design award 2014 – was developed in collaboration with the BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA: “For the BMW i accessories collection we’ve combined the message of sustainability with clever product solutions,” says Rudolph Moosmeier, Creative Director at DesignworksUSA. “The themes of lightness and the use of sustainable materials have been translated into a design language which gives this family of accessories a consistent look and is in harmony with all four interior equipment variants of the i3.”

Original BMW i Accessories are available from authorised BMW i dealers or online at

Clear in its design, varied in its use:
The BMW i folding box.


Regardless of whether you’re looking for a place to pack away shopping, sports or travel accessories, the two large compartments and two small key compartments of this folding box allow all items to be arranged clearly and transported without sliding around. In order to keep dirt from the car away from items in the folding box, the inside is lined with a robust and waterproof PU-coated material. It also fits in perfectly with every BMW i model, since it is covered with the brand’s own seat upholstery material (made from almost 100 percent recycled polyester). A particularly practical detail of the folding box are its well thought-out length/height/width dimensions, which make it comfortable to carry and ensure it will fit into any shopping trolley. When empty, the box’s clever folding system means it takes up less space when stored away.

Available for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Price: €62.50.

A boot protector which can be converted into a transport box:
The BMW i luggage compartment protector.


One product, two functions: when it’s folded out, the luggage compartment protector prevents dirt from getting into the boot, while its innovative folding and drawcord system also allows it to be converted into a waterproof transportation box in a matter of seconds. The container’s grippy surface means that loose items can be transported safely. Like the folding box, the reverse of the luggage compartment protector is also made from a robust, non-slip, waterproof PU-coated material. The outer side, meanwhile, uses the BMW i seat cover material, made from recycled PET.

Available for the BMW i3. Price: €99.

Flexible use:
The BMW i function cover.


Whether employed to protect the rear compartment, load area with the seats down, boot or loading sill, or indeed as a picnic blanket, the function cover – made from recycled PET – proves a versatile operator. The design of the cover and its precisely positioned elastic hoops allow it to slip as seamlessly into the interior of the BMW i3 when the seats are upright as when they are folded down. For example, on the rear seats it can be used as a dirt or dog cover, and the concealed notches allow the seatbelts to be used at the same time. This innovative and universal usability has removed the need for production of three other products and therefore saved on resources. Another neat feature of the ultra-lightweight function cover is that the recycled PET used to make it has two different surfaces – one a soft fleece, the other a waterproof material. The soft side of the cover is pleasant to the touch, making it ideal as a picnic blanket or play mat for children outside the car as well.

Available for the BMW i3. Price: €99.

A charismatic treat for the hands:
The BMW i key cover.


Similarly to a soft cover on a smartphone, the key cover slips around the BMW i key like a second skin, with full remote control functionality maintained. And, with a telltale BMW i Electric Blue colour scheme, it wears its BMW i brand family ties on its sleeve, so to speak. The velvety, supple material consists of 40 percent renewable raw materials. A particular highlight of the material are its phosphorescent qualities, which allow the key cover to glow in the dark.

Available for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Price: €13.98.

Made to measure:
The BMW  i
board case.


The robust board case has been developed specially to fit in the luggage area under the bonnet of the BMW i electric and hybrid cars. It uses folding inserts to clearly and neatly accommodate charger cables, tools and other items – such as car care products and the original BMW repair gloves supplied with the case. The waterproof materials provide effective protection from dirt and spray for both charger cables and electric plugs. If the cable is stored while wet, eyelets in the base of the board case allow moisture to run off. The developers keenly avoided the use of PVC in the production of the materials. Instead, they used a robust PU material, whose durability also serves the cause of sustainability and which comes from a bluesign-certified supplier. This certification is awarded in recognition of sustainable production and manufacturing processes.

Available for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Price: €83.50.

Cools in summer, protects in winter:
The BMW i climate cover.

So simple and yet so efficient: the precision-designed climate cover can be positioned and fixed in place quickly and easily in the BMW i3. Once in place, the UV-resistant and reflective surface bounces back incoming sunlight during the summer and keeps the car shady. As a result, less energy is required to cool the interior. In the winter, it protects the car at the front and sides from ice and snow, so that heating the windows is no longer necessary. Another well-conceived idea is the small spyhole for the windscreen, which keeps parking permits visible. The climate cover is made from recycled PET with a silver-vaporised outer skin. The innovative all-over reflex print provides a “cat’s-eye effect”, as it reflects beams of light extremely effectively at night as well – ensuring the BMW i3 cuts a clearly visible and alluring figure even when it’s covered up.

Available for the BMW i3. Price: €156.

Gone in seconds:
The BMW i cable bag.


The functional, lightweight cable bag made from recycled materials ensures every BMW i charging cable can be packed away quickly and conveniently. The large aperture allows the cable to be stowed away using just one hand, and the bag can be sealed up quickly and simply using the roll and snap closure. A very practical feature at public charging stations is the microfibre cloth that comes with the bag and can be used to wipe the cable dry in a matter of seconds. And if it is still wet when placed in the bag, the moisture won’t get any further: the bag’s robust, waterproof base ensures the luggage compartment remains dry and clean at all times.

Available for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Price: €26.

Optimal protection – 365 days a year:
The BMW i all-weather floor mat.


The all-weather floor mat for the BMW i3 sees the debut appearance of a laminated plastic developed from three layers and combining the aesthetically pleasing looks of a fabric mat with the functionality of an all-weather item. The customer therefore enjoys – in a single product – the high-quality looks of a fabric mat for the summer and the practical benefits of a dirt-resistant and waterproof rubber mat for between the seasons and the winter. By request from the BMW Group, the supplier has, for the first time, managed to manufacture all three layers of the floor mat from the same chemical family, making the entire product 100 percent recyclable. To offer maximum protection, the anti-slip mat has raised edging and slips seamlessly into the interior of the BMW i3. The mat covers the continuous footwell from the driver’s side to the front-passenger side, accentuating the lounge-style character of the interior evoked, not least, by the absence of a centre tunnel.

Available for the BMW i3. Price for the front floor mats (two-piece): €78. Price for the rear floor mats (two-piece): €63.50.

Holding everything together:
The BMW i transport net.

With the stretchable transport net, likewise made from recycled plastic, loose items – such as cases and shopping bags – can be fixed securely on the load compartment floor of the BMW i3. Thanks to its impressive tensile strength, the net can be kept in place for long periods. Objects can also be simply placed on top. And if the driver does wish to remove the net, the practical hooks allow extremely fast securing and removal.

Available for the BMW i3. Price: €52.

Providing shade for the long haul:
The BMW i sun blind.

The sun blind for the BMW i3 is indispensable in changing weather conditions. Tailored to the car’s geometry, it can be put in place and removed in the blink of an eye by simply clipping it into the fixed holder or unclipping it again. If it is no longer needed, a clever folding mechanism ensures it can be stowed away in the space-saving nylon bag supplied. The sun blind – which bears a printed BMW i logo – is made from a 100 percent recycled PET material and is supplied by a German yarn manufacturer, which has developed it exclusively for the BMW Group.

Available for the BMW i3. Price for the rear window: €93.50. Price for the rear side windows (left or right), two-piece: €83.