Pretoria-based car club BMW Fanatics are bringing us a cool photoshoot from a charity event hosted at the AFS Swartkop Airbase in South Africa.

AFS Swartkop was established in April 1921 and was South Africa’s first air force base and is home of the SAAF Museum. Following the original selection of land for a planned aerodrome, for what eventually became Swartkop, in about 1920 a private farm called Zwartkop was expropriated by the Government of the day. This farm had itself been named after a nearby prominent hill. The Dutch spelling of Zwartkop was retained for the Air Station that was subsequently developed.

BMWFanatics Swartkops AirBase-98

On April 1, 1949, the Dutch spelling was dropped in favour of the English and resulted in Air Force Station (AFS) Swartkop. On February 1, 1968, the AFS was upgraded to a fully fledged Air Force Base (AFB).

All proceeds from the Show n Shine and Photoshoot were donated to charity.

BMWFanatics Swartkops AirBase-8

Here is the photo gallery: