In a recent interview for Car and Driver, BMW USA CEO, Ludwig Willisch, said he is less than impressed by sales of the diesel-powered 3 Series and 5 Series.

According to Willisch, “The 328d is selling so-so, the 5-series is a bit disappointing.” He added: “These are still early days, and low fuel prices haven’t helped diesel technology.”

But optimism remains high when it comes to the X3 xDrive28d diesel sales in North America.

As for manual transmissions, Willisch isn’t ready yet to speak about the future of the manuals in the M5 and M6.  Willisch’s only comment: “They still have a life cycle of another four years.” He did add that the manual transmission percentages for the 3 and 4 Series is low.


The manual box is also currently offered for the new BMW M3 and M4.