This afternoon I took delivery of the first i3 REx in the US. BMW of North America was kind enough to arrange it so I’d have the very first one delivered in North America, and I would like to thank them for that. It’s been a long, fantastic journey for me. Five years in BMW’s e-mobility trial lease program and over 140,000 electric miles driven on my MINI-E and ActiveE has led up to me finally getting the first real production EV from BMW. This has been a long time coming and I’m very anxious to see how the i3 performs and report on it here and on other websites. I’m sure there will be things I feel need improvement, but I do expect to thoroughly enjoy the car for what it is.


Manny Antunes, my client adviser at JMK BMW delivered the first i3 BEV in the state of New Jersey a couple of weeks ago and now he can add the first i3 REx customer delivery in the US to his resume. Manny was also my ActiveE client adviser when I took delivery of the very first ActiveE, back in January 2011. That was a historic event because I was the very first customer in BMW history to take delivery of a 100% electric BMW, something I am very proud of. As BMW slowly transitions to more and more electric vehicles in their lineup, I’ll always know I was the person who got the very first one, and that’s pretty cool.

I’m sure the frequency of my posts here will increase now, and I’ll also be writing about my i3 experiences for a number of EV websites including InsideEVs, Green Car Reports, Plug in Cars and of course BMWBLOG where I’ll have a regular column there reporting on my experiences and all other i3 news.


I just wanted to do a quick post now to make the announcement. I’ll be putting up another post soon about my initial impressions. Stay tuned!