Here is a cool photoshoot of a 2013 BMW M5 painted in Sakhir Orange.

Along with the vibrant paint, the owner, Mike, added quite a bit of options and aftermarket products to the powerful luxury sedan. The base car gets full black Marino leather, Piano Black trim, Executive Package, Driver Assistane Package and the highly-precise Dual Clutch Transmission.

From the aftermarket world, the M5 LCI is taken to the next level. First, the folks at IND give the car a cosmetic makeover. Then the stock exhaust system is upgraded with the Akrapovic EVO Carbon Fiber exhaust tips. A carbon fiber spoiler is also added to the overall package.

DSC01819_edited-1 (1280x853)

A Laser Interceptor and RKP Splitters are rounding up the upgrades.

But the project wouldn’t be complete without a proper set of wheels, in this case the 20″ BBS ones that cost nearly $10,000.

To showcase all these add-ons, Mike took his M5 to an underground garage for a photo session.