Online Entertainment from BMW ConnectedDrive stands for premium in-car music pleasure. The option provides direct access to the entire world of music and a range of spoken content. Online Entertainment’s latest partner is the music provider Napster, which offers a catalogue of over 20 million titles covering every possible genre – from rock, pop and soul to classical and jazz – in addition to thousands of audiobooks.

Connectivity from vehicle to music provider is via the car’s built-in SIM card, which ensures optimum transmission quality at all times. Requirements are ConnectedDrive Services and the BMW Navigation System Professional.

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Real unlimited music streaming.
Users accessing Online Entertainment for the first time can automatically open a user account by entering their email address. This gives a year’s free access to all music titles offered by your chosen provider, such as Napster or rara. Unlike with some smartphone solutions, Online Entertainment offers unlimited music streaming with no restriction on the number of titles selected or data volume. Full access to the catalogue of music services is available at no additional cost in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

When you use Online Entertainment to select a track from a music partner – searching by artist, album or genre is simplicity itself – the piece of music is automatically downloaded to the hard drive of the vehicle’s BMW Navigation System Professional. And while your selected track is being played, the system starts downloading the album’s next track in order to provide an uninterrupted audio experience. This simultaneously expands your library on the hard drive, which has space for up to 10,000 titles that can be replayed at any time – even without connecting to the music provider, e.g. if you are not in one of the participating countries.

Intuitive controls, innovative functions, flexible usage.
Connectivity to BMW’s music partners means Online Entertainment not only provides access to a huge catalogue of music. The innovative Connected Music function further enhances music pleasure by creating opportunities to discover new artists. When you select a piece of music via Online Entertainment, for example, the function automatically suggests other tracks or albums by the same artist. If required, Connected Music proposes titles similar to the one currently playing, permitting a virtually unlimited journey into the world of music. Content and performers may change dynamically, but they always match the preselected musical style.

Napster also offers hundreds of pre-programmed music channels and playlists specially compiled by Napster’s in-house editorial team to reflect a mood, occasion, era or recent releases. This makes it easy to get started and begin enjoying almost boundless audio entertainment.

Online Entertainment is controlled via the user-friendly iDrive System and Control Display, which can be found in the main menu under Multimedia. And drivers can continue to enjoy music even away from the vehicle. With Online Entertainment, unlimited music streaming is also available on any other device supported by the provider, including smartphones, tablets, TVs, Macs and PCs.