Road & Track takes the 2013 BMW M3 Lime Rock Edition for a spin.

As a farewell to the E92 M3, BMW of North America announced back in July 2012 a limited edition of the popular M3. Dubbed BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition Coupe, the special M3 was limited to 200 units which sold out quickly despite the price tag of $70,100.

Lime Rock Park and BMW collaborated on the limited edition M3 Coupe. Each car was painted in rare Fire Orange and features Anthracite and Black cloth seating with Nappa leather trim.


The popular Competition Package is fitted, and the M3’s signature carbon fiber composite roof panel will be retained on all copies produced. Also in the standard equipment profile will be a lightweight inconel-titanium exhaust muffler, carbon fiber front and rear aerodynamic aids, and an Anthracite Alcantara-covered, flat-bottom steering wheel.

Let’ see an excerpt from their review which covers in general the E92 M3 model:


“One complaint and one complaint only: Make mine manual. The M3’s DCT went about its business once underway, and the beefy metal paddles make a nice connection, but a car like this just makes me want to row the gears myself. Using the gearshift on the console is annoying, and the DCT is balky at low speeds. But that’s it. Everything else about the car is amazing. Time in this car makes one understand why the 3 Series and the M3 in particular have been so highly regarded for so long. I have a feeling we will miss this car when the new M4 replaces it. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, but my faith in BMW is shaken as of late, and a last ride in the outgoing M3 only heightens the anxiety. The M3’s soon-to-depart V8 and the visceral driving experience will surely be matched or bettered by the new M4 on paper…”